Teensy 4.0

Vendor: PJRC
Features: Breadboard Friendly
Source on GitHub: TEENSY40
More info: Website

Installation instructions

For deploying the firmware use the Teensy Loader tool provided by PJRC on their web site. PJRC provides both a graphical and command line version for Windows, OS X and Linux. With the command line version, run the command:

teensy_loader_cli --mcu=imxrt1062 -v -w TEENSY40-<date_version_tag>.hex

or for Teensy 4.1:

teensy_loader_cli --mcu=imxrt1062 -v -w TEENSY41-<date_version_tag>.hex

When loading the firmware the PJRC boot loader will erase the content of the board file system.



v1.17 (2021-09-02) .hex [Release notes] (latest)

Nightly builds

v1.17-212-g23a150789 (2021-11-30) .hex [.bin]
v1.17-207-g97a7cc243 (2021-11-29) .hex [.bin]
v1.17-205-gde8dc4bad (2021-11-26) .hex [.bin]
v1.17-202-ge99f7b6d2 (2021-11-25) .hex [.bin]