SEEED XIAO nRF52840 Sense

Vendor: Seeed Studio
Features: BLE, Battery Charging, External Flash, IMU, Microphone, RGB LED, USB-C
Source on GitHub: nrf/SEEED_XIAO_NRF52
More info: Website

Installation instructions

The steps below let you create and install the firmware file. For a .uf2 type file taken from the MicroPython downloads source only step 4 is needed. For the .hex version of the firmware file, steps 1, 3 and 4 are required.

  1. Download and install It is available e.g. in the tools directory of MicroPython.

  2. Create a firmware for the SEEED nrf52840 if needed, with the command

    make BOARD=SEEED_XIAO_NRF52 -j5

    in the directory build-SEEED_XIAO_NRF52-s140. The firmware file will have the name firmware.uf2.

  3. Create the .uf2 file if needed in the build directory with the command: -c -f 0xADA52840 -o firmware.uf2 firmware.hex

    It must report the start address as 0x27000. If you omit the -o option, the output file will have the name flash.uf2.

  4. Enable the upload mode by pushing reset twice or calling machine.bootloader() and copy the file firmware.uf2 to the board drive, which will pop up on your PC.

In case the XIAO bootloader is lost or overwritten, it can be found at in different formats. Using a JLINK adapter or interface, it can be uploaded as hex version. The bootloader is as well available through the Arduino IDE.



v1.23.0 (2024-06-02) .uf2 / [.hex] / [Release notes] (latest)
v1.22.2 (2024-02-22) .uf2 / [.hex] / [Release notes]
v1.22.1 (2024-01-05) .uf2 / [.hex] / [Release notes]
v1.22.0 (2023-12-27) .uf2 / [.hex] / [Release notes]
v1.21.0 (2023-10-05) .uf2 / [.hex] / [Release notes]
v1.20.0 (2023-04-26) .uf2 / [.hex] / [Release notes]

Preview builds

v1.24.0-preview.36.gd7d77d91b (2024-06-11) .uf2 / [.hex]
v1.24.0-preview.34.g5903ee561 (2024-06-08) .uf2 / [.hex]
v1.24.0-preview.32.g80a4f632e (2024-06-07) .uf2 / [.hex]
v1.24.0-preview.31.g3c8089d1b (2024-06-06) .uf2 / [.hex]
v1.23.0-5.g3613ad962 (2024-05-31) .uf2 / [.hex]
(These are automatic builds of the development branch for the next release)