Arduino Portenta C33

Vendor: Arduino
Features: 512KB SRAM, 2MB Flash, 16MB QSPI Flash, USB High Speed Phy, 10/100 Ethernet Phy, ESP32 WiFi/BT Module, NXP SE050 crypto device
Source on GitHub: renesas-ra/ARDUINO_PORTENTA_C33
More info: Website

Installation instructions


This board can programmed via DFU bootloader, using e.g. dfu-util. To enter the DFU bootloader, double tap the reset (blue) button, or you can use machine.bootloader() from the MicroPython REPL.

dfu-util -a 0 -d 2341:0368 -D build-ARDUINO_PORTENTA_C33/firmware.bin -Q # -s :leave


Nightly builds

v1.20.0-494-g72ef2e629 (2023-09-27) .hex [.bin]
v1.20.0-493-g64d24fccd (2023-09-27) .hex [.bin]
v1.20.0-490-gdd58be19e (2023-09-26) .hex [.bin]
v1.20.0-489-ga3862e726 (2023-09-20) .hex [.bin]