Arduino Nicla Vision

Vendor: Arduino
Features: 16MB Flash, Dual-core processor, USB High Speed Phy, CYW43 WiFi/BT Module, NXP SE050 crypto device
Source on GitHub: stm32/ARDUINO_NICLA_VISION
More info: Website

Installation instructions

Via dfu-util

This board can programmed via DFU bootloader, using e.g. dfu-util. To enter the DFU bootloader, double tap the reset (blue) button, or you can use machine.bootloader() from the MicroPython REPL.

dfu-util -w -a 0 -d 2341:035b -D build-ARDUINO_NICLA_VISION/firmware.dfu

Or from MicroPython source repository:



Nightly builds

v1.19.1-992-g38e7b842c (2023-03-23) .dfu [.hex]
v1.19.1-991-g6c7624896 (2023-03-23) .dfu [.hex]
v1.19.1-989-g31e7a0587 (2023-03-22) .dfu [.hex]
v1.19.1-985-gb5ceb9d57 (2023-03-22) .dfu [.hex]