Metro M4 Express Airlift

Vendor: Adafruit
Features: Micro USB, ADC, DAC, RGB LED, QSPI Flash, WiFi, BLE, JLink
Source on GitHub: samd/ADAFRUIT_METRO_M4_EXPRESS
More info: Website

Installation instructions

For deploying the MicroPython firmware to the SAMD module, follow the procedure:

  • Push the reset button twice or call machine.bootloader(). A drive icon should appear representing a virtual drive.

  • Copy the .uf2 file with the required firmware to that drive.

As soon as the drive disappears, the firmware is loaded and started.


Nightly builds

v1.20.0-162-gd080d427e (2023-06-06) .uf2
v1.20.0-161-gdb5444f68 (2023-06-05) .uf2
v1.20.0-156-ga79a6ab36 (2023-06-05) .uf2
v1.20.0-155-gce31e5a2d (2023-06-05) .uf2

Firmware (WLAN without SSL support)

No releases are available for this board.