Arduino Nano ESP32

Vendor: Arduino
Features: BLE, External Flash, RGB LED, USB-C, WiFi
Source on GitHub: esp32/ARDUINO_NANO_ESP32
More info: Website

Installation instructions

Via dfu-util

This board can programmed via DFU bootloader, using e.g. dfu-util. To enter the DFU bootloader, double tap the reset (blue) button, or you can use machine.bootloader() from the MicroPython REPL.

dfu-util -d 0x2341:0x0070 -R -D build-ARDUINO_NANO_ESP32/

Please note that the DFU bootloader comes factory flashed. Should you for any reason erase the entire flash, the DFU bootloader will have to be re-installed. Please follow the instructions here to do so.


Nightly builds

v1.20.0-475-g174bb28d8 (2023-09-14) .uf2 [.app-bin] [.bin] [.elf] [.map]
v1.20.0-460-g397697aa8 (2023-09-14) .uf2 [.app-bin] [.bin] [.elf] [.map]
v1.20.0-457-gdc99840b3 (2023-09-13) .uf2 [.app-bin] [.bin] [.elf] [.map]
v1.20.0-452-gff70bd119 (2023-09-12) .uf2 [.app-bin] [.bin] [.elf] [.map]