MikroE Quail

Vendor: MikroElektronika
Features: mikroBUS
Source on GitHub: MIKROE-QUAIL
More info: Website

Installation instructions

Quail via DFU

Quail can be programmed via USB with the ST DFU bootloader, using e.g. dfu-util or pydfu.py.

To enter the bootloader press and release the Reset button while holding the Boot button. Alternatively, you can use machine.bootloader() from the MicroPython REPL.

dfu-util --alt 0 -D firmware.dfu


Nightly builds

v1.17-212-g23a150789 (2021-11-30) .dfu [.hex]
v1.17-207-g97a7cc243 (2021-11-29) .dfu [.hex]
v1.17-205-gde8dc4bad (2021-11-26) .dfu [.hex]
v1.17-202-ge99f7b6d2 (2021-11-25) .dfu [.hex]